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CF&Son Tooling Policies

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We no longer take on commiccions for outside clients, but we did in the past.  This was our tooling policy.  It still applies should we decide, in the future, to take on a commission for an outside client.

  • VERY IMPORTANT!  All masters, molds and other non-client produced items associated with a particular commission should be considered as "tools", and as such are the sole property of Casting Fool & Son™.  A commission is to be considered an agreement for the end product, the casting(s).

    We understand the possible concerns of our clients about this policy, and want to ensure our clients that the mold(s) used to produce their castings will NEVER be used for any reason other than their intended purpose of supplying that particular client's needs.

    CF&Son™ clients retain 100% of their intellectual property (IP) rights to their original creation(s).  Any masters and/or molds used by CF&Son™ to reproduce a client's work can be immediately destroyed if the client so requests in writing, with the understanding by the client that there will be no refund or other recompense in such cases.

    If the client provides a mold-ready master or component, then of course, those items are the client's property and arrangements are available for their return to the client.

    Some commissions involve only the creation of a mold for a client, and do not involve casting.  In these cases the mold will be considered the end product, treated as the property of the client, and will be shipped to the client upon completion of the commission.

    There are a number of reasons for this policy:
    1. If we have the CF&Son™-created masters "on file", so to speak, we can easily repair/modify the master and reproduce a mold when necessary.  And please keep in mind that, except in commissions where the mold itself is the end product, the first replacement of a mold or molds is included in the cost of the commission!

    2. Because of the question of liability, and the requirements of our business license and zoning permit, CF&Son™ cannot store or otherwise retain custodianship of client property.  By treating CF&Son™-created masters, molds and other items associated with a particular commission as "tools", rather than as extensions of a client's property, we are able to successfully meet the needs of our clients.

    3. Casting Fool & Son™ also reserves the right to destroy or otherwise render unusable all masters, molds, castings and other items in our possession associated with a particular commission, should it be determined that an entity's copyrighted work or works was used in the creation of said commission without the permission of said entity, and without the knowledge of Casting Fool & Son™ of said use.
    Unless otherwise indicated, CF&Son™ also reserves the right to photograph and display physical, pictorial and/or textual representation of our work, on the CF&Son™ website, in the CF&Son™ catalog(s), and/or other advertising venues.

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