Operation Iraqi Freedom - CF&Son's "PSP Medallion"

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This is my and my son's way of supporting coalition forces participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom, their families and their loved ones.  This program is also for our military forces in South Korea, and their families and loved ones.  This includes those who are serving directly in a civilian or embedded-journalist capacity with Operation Iraqi Freedom coalition forces.

(We will try to have graphics of the actual standard and "gold" medallions on this page soon.
The drawing in the letter below is smaller than actual size,
and does not do the medallions' design or color justice.)

The standard "PSP Medallion" is 1 5/8" in diameter, 3/16" high, 3D textured in high relief to allow the Morse Code to be easily "read" with the fingers (in low visibility conditions), and cast in durable "desert brown", non-gloss urethane resin.  The standard medallions contain no metals.  Each medallion is personally hand-crafted by an American sculpter in Georgia, USA - from materials manufactured in America.  Each medallion is shipped with a flyer that explains the "PSP" concept and message.

At $2.00 each (USD), or $3.00 each for orders sent to international locations, these medallions are being sold for less than the $3.46 cost that we incur in producing each one (the coins would normally retail for $5.00 [USD]).  The $2.00/$3.00 cost includes the postage to ship your medallion to you so that you can send it to your loved one overseas.

For the $3.00 per "PSP Medallion", we can alternately pay the postage to ship the medallion directly to your loved one located in the theater of war over in the Middle East.

    If you are active duty United States and/or Coalition Forces military, and currently deployed in the Middle East or in South Korea, or serving directly in a civilian or embedded-journalist capacity with Operation Iraqi Freedom coalition forces, you may order a "PSP Medallion" and have it shipped to your overseas area of deployment at no charge.  You may use email to contact us, and you must be certain to include a valid military APO address that will reach you when we ship your medallion.

    There is a special edition "Gold PSP Medallion" that is available only for spouses, fiancés, and fiancées who have lost a spouse, fiancé, or fiancée in the conflicts now in progress over in the Middle East.  This includes those who were serving directly in a civilian or embedded-journalist capacity with Operation Iraqi Freedom coalition forces.  The standard medallion is cast utilizing a "gold" metallic coating that bonds permanently to the resin.

    The "Gold PSP Medallion" is being offered as a heart-felt tribute to these special people, much like the "gold stars" approved in 1918 by then President Woodrow Wilson for the relatives of those loved ones who had died in military service for their country.

    There is no charge for the special edition "Gold PSP Medallion".  Spouses, fiancés, and fiancées are invited to send us a valid shipping address and confirmation of their loss; and we will ship them a "Gold PSP Medallion" at no charge.

    While the "Gold PSP Medallion" is somewhat similar to the "gold stars" of 1918, the CF&Son "Gold PSP Medallion" program is not affiliated in any way with The American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., The National Dusters, Quads and Searchlights Association's "Operation Gold Star", "Gold Star Mother's Day" (September 30th) as proclaimed by President George Bush in 2001, or any programs or activities related to these organizations and holidays or any other organization or event based on the "Gold Star" heritage.

If you order a standard "PSP Medallion", or several, please include your payment in the form of a United States Postal Service Money Order (an International Postal Money Order, if your order is from outside the United States).  If you send cash, it is at your own risk.  Granted, no one is probably going to steal $2.00 or $3.00 from the mail if it's well concealed in an envelope, but we cannot be held responsible for any loss if cash is sent to us.  Orders may not exceed eight (8) medallions.

Send your order and payment to this address:
Casting Fool & Son
Attn. Mike Jackson
PO Box 16143
Augusta, GA 30919-2143

Make your payment payable to "Mike Jackson, DBA Casting Fool & Son".
Please DO NOT send a personal check or any other form of payment!

($2.00 each for a medallion shipped within the United States,
$3.00 each for a medallion shipped internationally
or shipped directly to military service personnel overseas.)

Be sure to include a valid return address for orders that will be shipped to your location, or a valid military APO address that will reach your loved one(s) overseas.  We will pay the postage to send your order to your desired destination.

Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for mailing issues that are due to problems with the United States Postal Service, with the United States Military Postal Service, and/or with any other nation's domestic and/or military postal services; and that delays due to theater-of-war conditions and/or misdirected military mail could be experienced.  We are not responsible for mis-directed mail should you send us an incorrect shipping address.

Important Notice: The "PSP Medallion" name, concept and design are the copyrighted intellectual property of Casting Fool & Son, are only available via direct order from CF&Son, and are not intended for resale.  The medallions, and the intellectual property that they represent, are intended only for the personal use of the individuals that they are ordered for and/or purchased by.  This personal use does not include licence, whether written or implied, to make copies of the medallions and/or to reproduce them or the "PSP" (Prayer, Support, Pride) concept, motif, and/or design in any manner.

The following letter was sent with the first "PSP Medallion" to be put into official circulation.

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Copyright © 2003 Casting Fool & Son™
All Rights Reserved

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