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Casting Fool & Son's "Mold-eNews" Newsletter

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This group, based at Yahoo! Groups, is a newsletter service from Casting Fool & Son for our clients, customers, and for anyone who is interested in the goings on at CF&Son.  The newsletter is used for sending updates and news from Casting Fool & Son only, and does not accept messages from group members.

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When you receive confirmation via email that you have successfully requested to join Mold-eNews and you visit the confirmation page, you will be given the choice to become a member of Yahoo! Groups (and enjoy access to all of the Mold-eNews member resources)...

... OR, you may choose to simply subscribe to the Mold-eNews and receive the newsletter, without becoming a member of Yahoo! Groups.  You are welcome to choose either option.

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Karen loved rainbows!

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