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Casting Fool & Son's "List of Doom"

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This is Casting Fool & Son™'s infamous "List of Doom".  If a company and/or individual is listed here in the following table, then the work(s) that they license are considered off-limits for inclusion in any of our products or commissions.

This list is mainly for those products or commissions involving miniatures and/or other accessories intended for use in miniature-based gaming.  However, there may be entities listed here who are involved in the production of other works not related to miniature gaming.  Creators beware!

Although we no longer take outside work, Casting Fool & Son™'s clients are solely responsible for ensuring that their work, or works, submitted to Casting Fool & Son™ for consideration as a commission, or commissions, is, or are, free from the inclusion of the works, in whole or in part, of any other entities holding copyright, trademark, and/or any other form of licensed protection to said works; unless written permisson has been obtained from the owning entity and said proof can be produced and verified by Casting Fool & Son™ or it's legal representative.

(I really HATE this legal stuff...)

This list is by no means all inclusive, and may not list all of the entities that prohibit the use of their work or works without express permission.

By no means or intent does inclusion on this list make any warranty in reference to the work or works of the entities listed herein.  Nor is it a commentary, advertisement, and/or endorsement of or for a particular entity's works.

Companies, corporations and individuals listed here, or not so listed, are welcome to offer updates to their information, submit a request for inclusion/exclusion to or from this list, or make a general inquiry to us, using our Inquiry Form.

That all said...


The "List of Doom!"

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Prohibited Works from
Companies and Individuals

Horizon | Screamin' | Halcyon | GEOmetric

In tribute to four fine specialty companies that
fell victim to the depredations of bootleggers.

To the retailers, suppliers, and hobbyists who knowingly or unknowingly reproduce, sell and/or buy bootleg copies,
thereby supporting Theft by Copyright Violation:
Please!  Support the specialty companies that support your hobbies, by buying the "real McCoy" from a "Real McCoy"!

Specialty Shop Owners:
Please consider supporting a concept like the
"Sculpters & Casters Intellectual Property Association (SCIPA)".  There IS strength in numbers!!!

All resin, vinyl, plastic, metal, or multi-media kits:
- Add-ons/Modifications for a model kit... Yes.
- Copying all or any part of a model kit...
Games Workshop Ltd.
FASA Corporation
Ral Partha
Wizards of the Coast
WizKids LLC
Runesmith Studios
Dwarven Forge
The Works of Kieran P. Rohan
Geo-Hex | Gamescape | Battlescape
Dream Pod 9
Reaper Miniatures
Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Surgical Instrument Warehouse, Inc.
Miggle Toys/Tudor Games
Electric Football
Mattel, Inc.
Matchbox | Hot Wheels
Avalon Hill | Coleco | Tonka | Playskool
Mega Bloks, Inc.
The LEGO Group
Warner Bros.
Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc.

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This next table lists companies and/or individuals who have granted a LIMITED license to use their Intellectual Property.  (Novel concept!)  Casting Fool & Son™ interprets this LIMITED license as being restricted to the use of itty bitty parts, not parital or entire items!  Please do not abuse this gracious offer from these kind folk.  Thank you!

[Casting Fool & Son™ keeps a written, and a web-published record of each limited license.  The web-published records, and the specific rights granted and/or reserved by the licensor(s), may be reviewed by clicking on the company's or individual's name in the table below.]

The "List of Slightly Less Doom!"

Companies and Individuals who have granted
limited license to use their Intellectual Property
(Well, it could happen...)

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[ Last Update: Sunday, April 23, 2006 ]

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