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'77 VW Bus Squirrel Cage Heater Auxiliary Fan Conversion
(a work in progress)

Karen loved rainbows!

This is the box that the bilge blower came in.

This is the oulet end of the blower with the motor mounting ring from the squirrel cage fan attached to it.  You can see the small gap in the ring.  You can just see the edge of the blower and how it fit the raised edge of the ring perfectly.

This is the intake end of the blower.  You can still see the gap as well as the way the wedges and bolts worked out perfectly to attach the blower to the mounting ring.

The next two pics are of the part I cut out from the motor mounting ring (top and bottom).  I used a jig saw with a metal blade in it to make the cuts.  It's obvious if you look closely at it why the fan failed.  'Tis a tad wallowed out.

Now to see it it all works.  Hopefully the bilge blower's CFM's will be great enough to overcome the engine fan's CFM.

Karen loved rainbows!

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Karen loved rainbows!

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Karen loved rainbows!

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